Engineering Gamma Delta T cells to Supercharge Cytotoxic Function, Persistence, and Safety

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day One


  • Leucid Bio's γδ [T2] Cell Platform: Enhances γδ T cell fitness through optimized serum-free cultivation of Vγ9/Vδ2+ T cells using TGF-β1 and IL-2
  • Enhanced γδ [T2] Cell Efficacy: Cancer cell sensitization using amino bisphosphonates or Ara-C further enhances the efficacy of γδ [T2] cells
  • Advanced performance through IL-18 armouring: Integrating IL-18 into a tailored pCAR significantly boosts cytotoxic function and persistence of γδ [T2] cells
  • Enhanced potency against aggressive tumors: IL-18 armorimg and NKG2D ligand-targeted adaptor CAR empowers γδ [T2] cells against aggressive against solid tumours