Eric Halioua

Eric Halioua

Company: PDC*line Pharma

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


New Class of Cancer Vaccine Based on an Off-The-Shelf Antigen Presenting Cell line (PDC*line) 9:30 am

PDC*line is a new potent and scalable therapeutic cancer vaccines based on a proprietary allogeneic cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells PDC*line is much more potent to prime and boost antitumour antigen, including neoantigens, specific cytotoxic T cells than conventional vaccines and improves the response to checkpoint inhibitors The technology can be applied for any…Read more

day: Day Two

Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat: Allogeneic Therapies Take on Europe 8:45 am

Reviewing clinical and preclinical trials in European allogeneic cell therapies to highlight developmental benefits Touching on the unique challenges of the European field, including market access, regulatory and capacity difficulties, to reveal the practical and strategic considerations for successful development Celebrating European allogeneic advances to encourage further expansion of the fieldRead more

day: Day One

Panel: Understanding the Regulatory Landscape for Allogeneic Cell Therapy Products to Aid Forward Planning and Goals 2:15 pm

Examining requirements surrounding cell starting materials to facilitate the set-up of future cell banks Discussing genetic engineering and characterisation to clarify standards and ensure patient safety Exploring experiences from regulatory discussions in Europe, and comparison to outside, to share and learn from examples to accelerate the regulatory pathway Reviewing and overcoming the challenges of comparability…Read more

day: Day One

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