Bootcamp Day: A Durability Deep Dive

Monday, 30th January

9:00 am Bootcamp Registration & Coffee

9:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Enhancing Cell Potency Without Increasing Toxicity to Decrease Cell Exhaustion

10:00 am Utilising Cell Therapies in Combination with Therapy Enhancers to Increase Potency

  • Anastasios Karadimitris Professor of Haematology & Consultant Haematologist, Karadimitris Lab, Imperial College London


  • Assessing rational drug combinations to evaluate the most suitable partner to pair with different cell therapies
  • Proving your chosen combination is advantageous and effective to ensure increased potency in vivo
  • Comparing cell therapy combinations with cell engineering to review where each method is best-suited

10:30 am CAR-T Cells Generated by Non-Viral Gene Editing – From Autologous to Allogeneic Approaches

  • Dimitrios Wagner Physician Scientist, BeCAT, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin


  • Gene editing tools to disrupt and replace the endogenous T cell receptor to avoid allo-reactivity
  • Additional genetic modifications to enhance the persistence of allogeneic T cells including base editing
  • Non-viral gene editing strategies for sustainable and cost-efficient CAR T development

11:00 am Morning Durabili-Tea and Coffee

11:45 am VIRTUAL Development of Highly Potent Allogeneic NK Cell Therapies Using NAM Technology and Engineering

  • Aviad Pato Head of Research, Immunotherapy, Gamida Cell


  • Engineering proliferal blood NKs to target liquid and solid tumours
  • Utilising cell culture with NAM technology to create potent NK cells without manipulation

12:15 pm Co-Stimulatory CAR-T Approach in γδ T Cells: Avoiding the On-Target Off-Tumour Toxicity


  • The co-stimulatory approach for CAR-equipped γ9δ2 T cells
  • Enhancing tumour cell kill
  • Minimising toxicity against normal cells

12:45 pm Lunch Refreshments & Networking

Reinventing Therapy Persistence to Mediate Long-Term Disease Tackling

1:45 pm Multiplex Engineering Using the miCAR Platform Yields Persistent, Highly Active and Cost-Effective Cell Therapies


  • Moving beyond editing to engineer immune cells
  • Engineering cells which are less prone to exhaustion whilst maintaining efficacy
  • Simplified, cost effective manufacturing improves CoGs

2:15 pm Round Table: Understanding the Best Method to Increase Durability Selecting Advantageous Cell Subpopulations to Mediate Durable Targeting


  • Selecting advantageous cell subpopulations to mediate durable targeting
  • Assessing the factors affecting therapy persistence to identify where intervention is required
  • Evaluating the ideal length of therapy duration to create a goal of therapy persistence mechanisms
  • Reviewing location of therapeutics cells in vivo to distinguish area of targeting

3:00 pm VIRTUAL Off-the-Shelf Allogeneic EBV T Cells: Ushering in the Next Wave of Innovation


  • Discuss the journey that led to the historic EU approval of the first-ever allogeneic T-cell therapy globally 
  • Highlight the qualities that make allogeneic Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) T cells a highly versatile platform for targeting EBV-driven disease 
  • Explore how this platform can be modified with a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) to target a wide range of non-EBV-associated disease 

3:30 pm Close of Bootcamp Day