Welcome to the European Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit

CAR-T cell therapy has emerged as one of the major breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy in the last decade. It shown a clear curative potential in the autologous setting, but this approach has numerous disadvantages regarding cost, production time, manufacturing delay and dependence on the functional fitness of the patients’ immune system. To overcome these issues the field is looking to produce allogeneic “off-the-shelf” treatments that will benefit a greater number of patients in need worldwide.

Cell therapy companies in Europe are now following the trend previously seen in the US by investing in allogeneic approaches to reduce overall production costs, simplify supply chain logistics and improve patient accessibility.

The Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit Europe connected experts from cell therapy and regenerative medicine, to discuss strategies to tackle complex regulatory requirements in the EU, achieve large scale manufacture and improve cryopreservation to allow a more consistent, reliable product to be created, at a lower cost.

Key Discussions You Missed

Navigate the regulatory challenges in Europe to reduce delays in IND submissions

Improve product efficacy with increased persistence, engraftment and durability

Tackle the challenge of manufacturing scale-up to achieve off-the-shelf products

Address clinical trial set-up in Europe to effectively run multi-centric trials

Optimise cryopreservation and cold chain logistics to store therapies whilst maintaining potency and functionality

Understand key considerations in the early stages of R&D to avoid later complications

Explore different genetic engineering techniques to overcome GVHD and allo-rejection